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Hello! I’m Stephanie but you can call me Steph. I’m from Massachusetts, and living in my dream farm house outside of the city. I’m a book blogger, twitch streamer, and overall awkward introvert. Some of my favorite genres are fantasy, sci-fi, ya fantasy, and newly contemporary/adult romance. Outside of reading, I also love my dog Remus, my two cats, coffee, video games, my career as a graphic designer, being a mom to a crazy two year old boy, and many many more things.

I read a lot when I was younger, mostly when I got into Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, but after that in my high school year my love for reading kind of moved to the side as I got into other things like hanging out with fiends, my first job etc. My older sister has always been a huge reader, but as I went through college, and I became more of an introvert, my love for reading bloomed once again. Since beginning to get back into reading again, I have collected myself to a couple hundred books that now sit in my gorgeous library, and have been writing book reviews for a few good years now. Although my social media presence isn’t the greatest (I’m working on it) I hope to spread my love and recommendations for books far and wide through this little piece of the internet.

I currently mostly listen to audiobooks due to their accessibility with my on-the-go lifestyle. But I always have my kindle charged up and a physical book on my nightstand. As long as I’m consuming some sort of story and escaping reality in some sort of way, it’s my happy place. I love being consumed by words and being brought to different places in the world or made-up ones.

But if you’re here, you’re probably looking for a book review or recommendation. And I’m here to gladly pass along my thoughts and feelings on said titles to you! You’ll find book reviews, and as I continue to make more consistent progress on this page probably some book hauls, and eventually possibly some youtube reviews. I’ve been trying to get that going for a while now. I am by NO MEANS a professional book blogger, I have my regular nine to five job as a graphic designer. but I always will give my most honest review.

Here’s some links to where you can find me outside of this website

Hope to chat soon with you all!

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