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Finlay Donovan Is Killing It – Elle Cosimano


Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano
Published:  February 2, 2021

Finlay Donovan is killing it…except, she’s really not. A stressed-out single mom of two and struggling novelist, Finlay’s life is in chaos: The new book she promised her literary agent isn’t written; her ex-husband fired the nanny without telling her; and this morning she had to send her four-year-old to school with hair duct-taped to her head after an incident with scissors.

When Finlay is overheard discussing the plot of her new suspense novel with her agent over lunch, she’s mistaken for a contract killer and inadvertently accepts an offer to dispose of a problem husband in order to make ends meet. She soon discovers that crime in real life is a lot more difficult than its fictional counterpart, as she becomes tangled in a real-life murder investigation.

Holy. Cow.

What a fun and wild ride! I was expecting to enjoy this book but I didn’t realize how much I would LOVE it. Which is something kind of weird to say about a murder mystery.

I don’t even know where to start with this. It had me hooked from the beginning and I think it’s all to the way Elle Cosimano wrote this book. I (now being a mother of two) actually really enjoyed Finlay and could totally see myself as her at times (I swear I did not commit any type of murder and am not a hitwoman mom author) which made me enjoy it that much more.

Finlay and Vero were such an amazing team and the way they worked together and ended up being like the ying and yang to each other was really great. Finlay definitely wouldn’t have been able to get away with it without Vero, and she wouldn’t be able to finish that book either.

This book was so original and so much fun, there was great wit and banter, a great mix of comedy and crime, and I loved both Nick and Julian, although I’m team Nick (could be an unpopular opinion but I felt like they worked better together). But all in all, Cosimano does such an amazing job with each character.

There’s so much to love about this book, the way life can just be THAT crazy, all the humor but real life as well, it was just the perfect mix of everything you’re looking for in a great book. I’m so glad I finally picked this up. I laughed, I was super engrossed, I couldn’t put it down. I think I read it in two days and for a mom of two kids with a full-time job, that says something.

GO PICK UP THIS BOOK. I swear you won’t be let down.

Rating: 5/5 Stars



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