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Pretend You’re Mine – Lucy Score

Pretend You’re Mine by Lucy Score
Publishing:  May 9, 2023

I only wanted to protect you…

Luke Garrison is a hometown hero, a member of the National Guard ready to deploy again. He’s strong, sexy, broody. The last thing he’s looking for is a woman to ruin his solitude. When the wildly beautiful Harper stumbles into his life, though, he realizes that she’s the perfect decoy. A fake girlfriend to keep his family off his back until he’s deployed.

So what if kissing her sends his mind to wicked places? He can control himself. Can’t he?

Harper was on her way to starting a new life… again. But something about Luke makes her want to settle down in this small town and make his house a home. When she’s in his arms, she finally knows what it’s like to feel safe. Protected.

One night of sharing a bed turns into something much, much more… and soon Luke can’t keep his mind off Harper’s wide gray eyes or his hands off her luscious curves. He never thought he’d feel this way about a woman again. But he knows that he can’t tell her the truth about his dark past. And she can’t reveal what she’s running from.

At least this isn’t a real relationship. It’s only for a month. It’s only pretend. Until it isn’t…

Thank you NetGalley and BloomBooks for the ARC of this rerelease.

OK so, I’ve read a few Lucy Score books. Things We Never Got Over, By A Thread, and Maggie Moves On. So I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on her works. Granted, that’s not always true, but I think I’ve done pretty good in reading a good sampling of her work.

Compared to her other works this fell really short for me. I couldn’t connect with these characters, I felt like the pacing was really slow and was really hard to want to keep moving forward, and the fake dating POV had nothing new or interesting to offer in this case.

I will say though, the writing style is true to her. You could immediately tell this was a Lucy Score book, the writing was good, the humor, on point. I think this was just a perfect storm of some important elements just not really jiving together on this one.

Rating: 2/5 Stars



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