I’m back!

Hello fellow bibliophile friends. It’s been a while. A long while. I won’t lie, I’ve been struggling with myself and my self care. But that hasn’t stopped me from reading. What it has done though, is stopped my life in all other formats. I haven’t been doing a lot of self-care in the sense that I put myself aside and really felt like I had to dive deep into the role of motherhood when that wasn’t the case.

I’m happy to announce though, that going through a good few therapy sessions and chats with my husband I’m going to be trying to take the helm at reviewing my reads again, and really sticking to it this time (we’ll see how that goes). But trying my best! I’m currently reading These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan. It’s taking me longer than it usually does but I’m moving right along.

Hopefully posting a review up soon. Thanks to everyone who read this and just a reminder: Self Care is important! Make sure you’re looking after yourself <3



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