Are 24 hours in a day too few?

Hello my dear friends. It is I, your inconsistent blogger. I have to first off write this as a massive apology as I haven’t been able to keep up with my reviews, but do not fret, I have a backlog and I will be writing them…most of them…some of them? I’ve unfortunately been blessed with a toddler who decided to go through a sleep regression, lose my job, get hit by a massive wave of seasonal depression, and a slew of many other things. So, naturally, writing about the wonderful books I read had to get pushed to the side.

So, I would like to put this post out there to say, I’m going to try my best to get back into writing reviews. Life has been crazy, yes. But I love doing this. I love telling people how I feel about the books I read and I’m hoping this will also translate itself into me possibly working into some TikTok content. But…who knows. So far I can barely manage my life as it is.

So thanks for sticking it out with me, and I can’t wait to write about what I’m currently reading.

Happy reading

< 3 Stephanie



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