Review: spilled sugar by Jessyca Thibault

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Published November 17th 2019

I’m too sweet to handle salt and sugar gets old fast… “spilled sugar” is the poetic story of how something bitter can seem sweet, until the truth spills out. Book 2 in the Bittersweet Memories series follows “unsweetened.” From the author of “doll eyes,” “glass girl,” “plastic heart,” and “Forever Mark.”

I’ve loved all of Jessyca Thibault’s books and Spilled Sugar is no exception.
Jessyca is such an amazingly talented writer and each of her poetry collections are uniquely beautiful. The overall quality of each poem is notable and the consistency throughout this book is wonderful. I didn’t feel like there was any filler poems or pages of lesser quality. Each page is full of honest emotions that are transformed into beautiful works of art.



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