Review: a fire like you by Upile Chisala

Expected publication: March 10th 2020

A fierce and lyrical collection of poetry celebrating the moments of triumph and beauty in our lives, as well as the moments of despair—recasting them as opportunities for growth.

In this never-before-published collection, poet Upile Chisala grapples with themes of love, loss, and desire. Throughout this third book, she explores her identity as a black Malawian woman, offering intimate reflections on her life and experiences, imparting a stirring, universal message of empowerment and self-love

I’ve been really enjoying reading modern poetry books lately and while A Fire Like You isn’t my most favorite, I still really enjoyed it.
I thought the writing was beautiful and meaningful, and relatable many times, but I felt like there was quite a few filler poems that didn’t seem to hold as much meaning as others and maybe were written in haste.
Overall, I did enjoy it and would probably pick a physical copy for my poetry book shelf, but it wasn’t my favorite.



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