Top 5 Books of 2019

I figured I’d do 5 favorite books of 2019 since a lot of others are posting up their favorites of the past year. I ALMOST met my goal of 55 books, Just came shy by 6 books. So without further ado, here are my top 10 of 2019. In no particular order

The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo
This book is an emotionally hefty one. So if you’re not ready to really ball your eyes out multiple times over lost love, and heartbreak. Then, don’t pick this one up. But it was such a different read for me, and something I couldn’t put down. And the way it was written was just perfection for really pulling out the emotion from the characters and making you just feel something for them.






The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms
I feel like this was probably my underdog book for the year. I didn’t expect much of it but gee whiz did I get roped into it good. It’s such a wonderful read about finding yourself as an adult and really loving who you are with a little romance mixed in. And I loved the plot and it was just a really entertaining read.







The Stopover by T.L. Swan
LET US NOT DENY THAT I READ A TON OF SMUT THIS YEAR. I won’t deny it. BUT this piece. Oh man. This read actually had a decent plot and was really engaging and had just the right amount of steamy-ness in it that I couldn’t get enough, I think I read it 3 times this past year. Unlike some other smutty books, they don’t have much of a plot and they’re just really quick reads about people with this crazy connection doing it. This book was so different, it had ups and downs, relationship building, so much depth put into it, I really enjoyed it.






The Folk of The Air Trilogy by Holly Black
This has quickly become one of my favorite YA Fantasy series. I didn’t expect to like this from the inside flap description but WAS. I. WRONG. I read all three of these books in 2 days. EXPLAIN how I could do that in 2 days with a full time job, house, dog, husband, and infant? It was JUST that good. There was so much lies and deception and trickery and twist and turns that you couldn’t ever really keep your finger on the pulse, but it just concludes so greatly, and I never wanted it to end, but alas, it quickly became one of my favorite books for 2019 and time.


The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker
I knew from the beginning of this book I was going to enjoy it. And since reading this, K.A. Tucker is an instant read author for me. I will gobble all of her stuff up because she’s a beautiful writer and really makes you want to be where her characters are. After finishing this book I told my husband I wanted to go to Alaska. There was just some sort of magic to this book that made me love it the more I read it. And yes, it’s a tear jerker but you fall in love with all these people, and the story and the place, it’s hard not to absolutely adore this book.




  • Nerd Narration

    I loved The Simple Wild and cannot wait for March (I think) for book 2 to drop!!! Also so happy, but sad, to have an ending to TCP series. What a wild ride it was!!

    I’ve had The Light We Lost and The Overdue Life on my TBR for ages and truly don’t see much about them so that was fun to see on your list. I might need to just bump them up the TBR! Happy reading!!

  • Stephanie

    I’m so ready for book two. I’ve been impatiently waiting for it.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bump The Light We Lost and The Overdue Life to the top of that TBR. Happy Reading in 2020!

  • Nerd Narration

    Oh man! All caps please??? Let me see what I can do then ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Have you read any of KA Tuckerโ€™s other books? Iโ€™m very intrigued by her backlist since I loved TSW so much!

  • Stephanie

    I read Say You Still Love Me, I actually have a review scheduled for tomorrow. I really want to pick up her Ten Tiny Breaths series.

  • Nerd Narration

    Yeah, I read an ARC of Say You Still Love Me (I instantly requested after reading TSW), but I haven’t delved into any of her others yet. I’ve been told by several trusted sources that the Burying Water series is fantastic.

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