It’s happening!

Okay, so, here we are. October 1st. The first day of the spookiest month of the year, and I have officially announced my NaNoWriMo project!
I’m officially freaking out. If any of you are creative writers and have any tips, please feel free to comment them. And if you’re also participating in NaNoWriMo, add me as a friend!

If you’re wondering what I’m writing, here’s a little snippet into what I’ve thought up so far :

Aravae wants learn how to wield magic but, as far as she knows magic is something she’s only heard about in fairytales and bedtime stories her mother has told her since she was a young girl.ย 

One day she finds the an Amulet that she recognizes from a story her mother used to tell her as a child. A story about a sorceress who used it to help her defeat an evil mage in a far away land. She then leaves home in hopes of finding magic and awakening it once more.
Aravae’s mother Vanora has stolen magic and kept it safe from the world because if her daughter awakens magic once again, the Shadowbane Trials will begin, where her sisters will gather together to see which of their daughters is worthy of the Shadowbane Crown. A crown that can turn the most pure of heart to madness and evil.



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