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2019 Bookish goals

Hello there friends!
Once again I’ve been missing in action on our dear site. Taylor has been running this ship while I spend my days drowning in work on this huge project, and well…for a while I was completely miserable during my first trimester because I’m expecting! Yep, May 2019 I’ll have a whole little human bean thing to take care of for the next 18 years (minimum). My husband and I are super excited and now that I’m mid-2nd trimester and feeling like a human again, I’m ready to start 2019 dedicated to blogging about all the wonderful books I read.

This year I read 71 books. I plan on making my goal 75 books for 2019 and sharing my opinions about them with all of you. I know it’ll be a challenge with being a new mom. But hell, I’m willing to try it. Thank you to all of you for sticking with me and I’m excited to write about all these adventures I’ll take in 2019.

And with that, please recommend some books my way. I’d love to incorporate them into my TBRs for 2019.

Have a great, healthy and happy new year everyone!



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