Hi blog fam!
I’ve got a very big life update for you! So I got married three weeks ago and life has been SO CRAZY since I last posted in March (a big thank you to Taylor for running this bad boy in my absence, LOVE YOU TAY).

Since then I’ve started a new job, gotten married and moved. And am now back into my reading groove and am ready to come back to all you lovely people. I’ll be spending the rest of my night drinking rum & cokes and back writing a bunch of reviews for you because I want to let you all know all the great stuff I’ve read so far.

So, here I go, I’m off to the land of writing and post queues. Here’s some pics from my wedding :)




Much love,
Stephanie .




  • aninfinitebookworld

    Oh my god! Stephanie, all of those pictures are beautiful! congrats on the marriage!

  • kozbisa

    Congratulations!!! BTW, I love the finger guns picture. =)
    Sam @ WLABB

  • Emma The Book Lover

    OH M GOSH!!! How exciting!!!! First off, these pictures are so beautiful! It looks like your wedding was awesome and girl, YOUR DRESS IS GORGEOUS! Secondly: cant wait for your posts to be back up and running!!! <3

  • lifeamongpages

    The pictures are stunning, you looked beautiful and so happy.
    Good luck with this new chapter in your life <3

  • Book Twins Reviews

    Congrats!! Beautiful pictures and what an amazing occasion!! Wish you the very best!!

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