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Review: Settle for More by Megyn Kelly

30037283Settle for More by Megyn Kelly

Published November 15th 2016

Whether it’s asking tough questions during a presidential debate or pressing for answers to today’s most important issues, Megyn Kelly has demonstrated the intelligence, strength, common sense, and courage that have made her one of today’s best-known journalists, respected by women and men, young and old, Republicans and Democrats.

In Settle for More, the anchor of The Kelly File reflects on the enduring values and experiences that have shaped her—from growing up in a family that rejected the “trophies for everyone” mentality, to her father’s sudden, tragic death while she was in high school. She goes behind-the-scenes of her career, sharing the stories and struggles that landed her in the anchor chair of cable’s #1 news show. Speaking candidly about her decision to “settle for more”—a motto she credits as having dramatically transformed her life at home and at work—Megyn discusses how she abandoned a thriving legal career to follow her journalism dreams.

Admired for her hard work, humor, and authenticity, Megyn sheds light on the news business, her time at Fox News, the challenges of being a professional woman and working mother, and her most talked about television moments. She also speaks openly about Donald Trump’s feud with her, revealing never-before-heard details about the first Republican debate, its difficult aftermath, and how she persevered through it all.

Deeply personal and surprising, Settle for More offers unparalleled insight into this charismatic and intriguing journalist, and inspires us all to embrace the principles—determination, honesty, and fortitude in the face of fear—that have won her fans across the political divide.


I’m not a really a fan of Megyn Kelly to say the least but I was given a copy of her book and I was curious about it. I do admire how she can hold her own in a very sexist industry and she works really hard, which I appreciate. I have recently started reading more non-fiction books and I really enjoy memoirs so I was ready to be blown away from tales of Megyn’s career.
However, Settle for More is mostly about her childhood and there’s not a lot of behind the scenes stories from her career or dirt on those she’s interviewed or worked with.
There is a good chunk of chapters on Donald Trump and even though I wasn’t surprised by the stories Megyn has of him, I thought it was interesting.
Overall, I thought this book was interesting even though I wasn’t totally into all of her childhood stories (if you’re a fan of Megyn, you’ll probably love that aspect of the book) and the first half was a bit boring. Settle for More hasn’t changed my thoughts on Megyn Kelly but I do respect all her hard work and for being a boss lady in corporate politics. That’s not easy and she’s achieved lots of success. If you’re a fan of Megyn, this is definitely worth a read. If you’re a women looking to make a career in politics, I think this is worth reading as well.



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