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Review: Blitzed by the Billionaire by Alice Ward

29636300Blitzed by the Billionaire by Alice Ward

Published March 27th 2016

After a lifetime of traveling the world with my uncle, I was ready for a normal, routine life. I thought I found it too. A job teaching kindergarten, good friends, and a stable man by my side. I was happy… mostly. Until I walked in on a surprise that shook my world.

Luckily, my friend Ethan McAlister was there to pick up the pieces.

“Friend.” Who was I kidding?

The star quarterback for the country’s newest football team, Ethan was charming, sexy, and the last thing I needed. His life was the opposite of normal and routine. Our passions very different.

But when he touched me… none of that mattered.

Except to the people dedicated to ripping us apart.

Would anything ever be normal again?


I didn’t have high expectations for this book when I started it, I just felt like reading a fluffy romance, but the first 10% or so of this book was amazing. I loved it so much. I was laughing and giggling and having a grand time. But out of nowhere, this book took a massive turn for the worse.
I really liked Emily at first but she made terrible decisions. Some of the things she did made no sense.
The fact that she didn’t even care that much about the fall out with a man that she was totally ready to marry was mind blowing. She barely even cared. Within 24 hours she went from being 100% ready to marry a man to sleeping with a guy she barely knew. What the heck was she thinking?
I loved Ethan at first but his insane insta-love was so disturbing. I get that he’s an all in or all out kind of person (I am too) but after one night, he was so insanely attached to Emily in such an unhealthy manner.
I’m a huge fan of sports so the outrageous mistakes regarding football wanted me to pull my hair out. The author should have done her research before writing about a sport. There’s no way an athlete can just walk out mid-season on a team, he’s signed a contract. There was a whole slew of mistakes like that and it drove me insane.
Overall, I was not a fan of this book. The characters were poorly written and the mistakes regarding football were a complete deal breaker.





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