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Review: Operating on Faith by Matt Weber

29352209Operating on Faith: A Painfully True Love Story by Matt Weber

Published January 26th 2016

At age 29, Matt Weber was newly married to Nell, the girl of his dreams. They had bought their first house, adopted a dog, and looked forward to a blissful first year together. But shortly after his honeymoon, Matt’s recurring, severe stomach troubles send him to the emergency room—and after a five-hour, life-saving surgery in which a third of his stomach is removed, Matt and Nell’s plans for their new life are dramatically altered.

Forced to undergo a lengthy and painful recovery, Matt finds that his relationships with God, himself, and his wife are forever changed. Operating on Faith is the gutsy story of a happy-go-lucky Catholic guy whose life was literally burst apart then stitched back together—with faith in the God he’d always known, the sweet and inexhaustible love of his wife, and healthy if sometimes irreverent doses of humor.


I really liked reading about Matt’s experiences and how him and his wife worked through everything together. Operating on Faith had a very interesting and different perspective and I really enjoyed that.
I wasn’t a big fan of the writing style though. There was a lot of metaphors and smilies and it created an embellished tone to the story.
But I really liked everything else about this book and I would definitely recommend it it you’re looking for a memoir.





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