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Review: Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa

29430620Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa and Laura L. Sullivan

Published October 1st 2016

Rowan is a Second Child in a world where population control measures make her an outlaw, marked for death. She can never go to school, make friends, or get the eye implants that will mark her as a true member of Eden. Her kaleidoscope eyes will give her away to the ruthless Center government.

Outside of Eden, Earth is poisoned and dead. All animals and most plants have been destroyed by a man-made catastrophe. Long ago, the brilliant scientist Aaron al Baz saved a pocket of civilization by designing the EcoPanopticon, a massive computer program that hijacked all global technology and put it to use preserving the last vestiges of mankind. Humans will wait for thousands of years in Eden until the EcoPan heals the world.

As an illegal Second Child, Rowan has been hidden away in her family’s compound for sixteen years. Now, restless and desperate to see the world, she recklessly escapes for what she swears will be only one night of adventure. Though she finds an exotic world, and even a friend, the night leads to tragedy. Soon Rowan becomes a renegade on the run – unleashing a chain of events that could change the world of Eden forever.


I’m not very familiar with Joey Graceffa other than I know he’s a Youtuber. I haven’t found a fictional book written a Youtuber, celebrity, or athlete that I was impressed by so I didn’t have very high hopes for Children of Eden.
This book isn’t bad by any means but it was exactly what I was expecting. It was okay. It was a nice book but not all that remarkable, in my opinion. I liked the concept of the book, I thought that was original and creative, but everything else was pretty basic. The writing style seemed inexperienced and the characters were a bit plain.
Overall, if you’re a big fan of Joey, I think this book is worth buying. It’s not bad and if you’re not a very critical reader, I think you might like this book. But if you’re looking for an amazing read, I don’t think book is it.



I received an unsolicited copy of this book from the publisher. This does not affect my opinion of this book in any way.




  • amyriadofbooks

    Man, this book sounds really good too! I might have to check it out from the library first…

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