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ARC Review: The Light Fantastic by Sarah Combs

28814848.jpgThe Light Fantastic by Sarah Combs

Expected publication: September 13th 2016

Seven tightly interwoven narratives. Three harrowing hours. One fateful day that changes everything.

Delaware, the morning of April 19. Senior Skip Day, and April Donovan’s eighteenth birthday. Four days after the Boston Marathon bombing, the country is still reeling, and April’s rare memory condition has her recounting all the tragedies that have cursed her birth month. And just what was that mysterious gathering under the bleachers about? Meanwhile, in Nebraska, Lincoln Evans struggles to pay attention in Honors English, distracted by the enigmatic presence of Laura Echols, capturer of his heart. His teacher tries to hold her class’s interest, but she can’t keep her mind off what Adrian George told her earlier. Over in Idaho, Phoebe is having second thoughts about the Plan mere hours before the start of a cross-country ploy led by an Internet savant known as the Mastermind. Is all her heartache worth the cost of the Assassins’ machinations? The Light Fantastic is a tense, shocking, and beautifully wrought exploration of the pain and pathos of a generation of teenagers on the brink—and the hope of moving from shame and isolation into the light of redemption.


I loved the writing style (I think it’s the best thing about this book) and the characters were pretty cool but I’m not a fan of books that deal with shootings or bombings or anything like that. I don’t like reading about those things at all. So even though I loved the writing style, I couldn’t get into this book for even a second. It’s definitely a case of personal preference and not the book’s fault at all. It just wasn’t for me. If you’re fine with reading about shootings/bombings, I’d say give this book a try. But if you’re hesitant at all, skip it.





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