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Review: The Inside of Out by Jenn Marie Thorne

27155350.jpgThe Inside of Out by Jenn Marie Thorne

Published May 31st 2016

When her best friend Hannah comes out the day before junior year, Daisy is so ready to let her ally flag fly that even a second, way more blindsiding confession can’t derail her smiling determination to fight for gay rights.

Before you can spell LGBTQIA, Daisy’s leading the charge to end their school’s antiquated ban on same-sex dates at dances—starting with homecoming. And if people assume Daisy herself is gay? Meh, so what. It’s all for the cause.

What Daisy doesn’t expect is for “the cause” to blow up—starting with Adam, the cute college journalist whose interview with Daisy for his university paper goes viral, catching fire in the national media. #Holy #cats.

With the story spinning out of control, protesters gathering, Hannah left in the dust of Daisy’s good intentions, and Daisy’s mad attraction to Adam feeling like an inconvenient truth, Daisy finds herself caught between her bold plans, her bad decisions, and her big fat mouth.


I had a lot of mixed feelings while reading this book but I ended up really liking it.
I really love the overall concept of this book, I really do, but I think the message of this book was sidelined a few times.
Daisy is a really cool character and I liked her character development but I was frustrated with her a lot. I understood why she did the things she did but I also wanted to jump into the book and tell her to just chill for second. But I was very frustrated with Hannah as well. This whole book was pretty much just me being frustrated with the characters but also understanding why they did what they did.
Overall, I think this is a really great book. It has a really cool perspective and tackled a lot of issues in, what I felt, was a realistic way. I loved the character development a lot and I really appreciated the story.





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