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Prepping for Book Con!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know I’ll be attending book con this year! My fianceé and I will be in Chicago Friday – Sunday and if any of you are going please please please connect with my over some sort of social media and let’s meet up!  I’m so excited to be going to this and I can’t wait to meet all these authors and be among all these amazing publishers!

20160510_094822Please feel free to connect with me over twitter : @whiskeyhallows and instagram @whiskey_hallows and let me know if you’re going!

I’m super excited to go and it would be wonderful to meet some of you guys face to face.
Taylor and I are trying super hard to go to next year’s book con with from what I’m hearing is going to be back in NY. So if not this year, let’s all get together to meet up next year!

So excited, hope a few of you are going as well, it’d be great to meet a fellow bookworm and a reader who appreciates our reviews.






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