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ARC Review: An Apple Tart of Hope by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

26516186The Apple Tart of Hope by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
Publishing: April, 2016

Oscar Dunleavy, who used to make the world’s most perfect apple tarts, is missing, presumed dead. No-one seems too surprised, except for Meg, his best friend, and his little brother Stevie. Surrounded by grief and confusion, Meg and Stevie are determined to find out what happened to Oscar, and together they learn about loyalty and friendship and the power of never giving up hope. The second sensational novel from Irish author, Sarah Moore Fitzgerald, following her debut, BACK TO BLACKBRICK, perfect for fans of Annabel Pitcher and Siobhan Dowd.


This book was sent to me from Holiday House publishing. The Apple Tart of Hope was originally published in Ireland and is coming to the US this April! Quite a short book but perfect in size, I loved this book and I think I read it at just the right time.

This book had wonderful writing it felt almost whimiscal but it was so easy to just read through it. It was like all the words just flowed easily with one another and like describing the scenes of Meg and Oscar hanging out their windows talking to each other each night growing up… it was just like perfect writing. And yeah, I’ll admit it broke my heart a little bit reading this book.

This book…takes on a lot of themes and is almost like a learning book, a book you take a lot of lessons out of. Grievance, loss, loyalty, friendship, platonic love, and just being there for someone, even if they think they’ve stopped looking for you.

Character-wise I didn’t really connect with anyone but I did love Stevie the best personality wise, but I did appreciate Oscar and Meg’s relationship and dynamic. I think Sarah Moore Fitzgerald did a great job on writing an engaging, easy to read, enjoyable book about things that people really do go through even though situations may be temporary at times.

I would most definitely read this again sometime if I get an extra few hours on a warm weekend, or a day where I just need a really good story/book to get me out of a slump or just sit and really enjoy and immerse myself in some wonderful written words.

A big thank you to Brittany from Holiday House for sending me this ARC.




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