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Worst Love Interests | Top Five Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey on YouTube.

It’s that time again, the lovely top five Wednesday, a bit of a different turn from the easier chosen 5, BUT all in all I feel like I’ve chosen a good 5 for this week’s topic of Worst Love Interests.

1. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games Trilogy
Don’t get me wrong I love the series (with the exception of Mockingjay, I seriously cannot get over that book, in a bad way). There was great character development in certain places and I think it was one of the first dystopian books I got a chance of reading. But through reading this series I thought Katniss was the worst love interest possible! Always flip flopping and basically “loving” Peeta while always still lingering for Gale. I couldn’t stand it!

2.  Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska
I couldn’t stand the way Alaska treated Miles. It just was something that completely infuriated me throughout the whole damn book.

3. Patrick from Me Before You
Okay, So I just read Me Without You and clearly that’s why I’m using this book. But Patrick was SUCH A JERK! Like honestly, your girlfriend is going through a lot of crap and you sit there and all you give a hoot about it and just focus on stupid stuff that doesn’t matter. He was such a selfish prick I couldn’t handle it.

4. Susan Rodriguez from The Dresden Files
There’s something about Rodriguez I can’t stand. I ship Dresden with someone else entirely and I hate how she just basically just THROWS herself in danger when it’s SUPER obvious. And then she tries to act like this woman who’s super smart, independent,and can take care of herself, but in the end always gets into a mess that Harry has to help her out of. I can’t stand her.

5. Paul Markov from A Thousand Pieces of You 
I can’t even begin with this one…this pissed me off so much, he’s scumbag and it makes me mad. And I mean there’s various factors that happen in this book that make him not so bad but there’s always that twang of anger whenever I read his name… BOO PAUL!




  • emnemilysbooks

    *half the whole book* for looking for Alaska…

  • Stephanie

    true true. I just didn’t really like that book at all to be honest. I think John Green’s books are all too similar to each other, writing style wise, Especially like Looking For Alaska & Paper Towns.

  • emnemilysbooks

    Oh yeah. I definitely found Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns VERY similar. I still really like is writing though :)

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