Review: The Dragon, the Thief, and the Princess by Gillian Bradshaw

17575391The Dragon, the Thief, and the Princess by Gillian Bradshaw

Published March 9th 2013

Teen fisherman Prahotep is nicknamed “bad-luck” because everything he touches turns to disaster. When his father dies, he sets off to Thebes to improve his fate, but soon winds up on a dangerous work crew, cutting stone for an evil magician. There he befriends a dying tomb-robber who tells him of unimaginable riches-and how to find them. Prahotep escapes the work crew but instead of finding the riches, he finds Lady Hathor, a proud, irritable dragon. Meanwhile, to the south, in Nubia, the princess Kandaki’s family is murdered by a usurper. Kandaki refuses the usurper’s offer of marriage, and is sent north to be offered as a sacrifice to a “swamp dragon.”

I was so excited for this book and, against my better judgment, I couldn’t help my get my hopes up.
I shouldn’t have expected so much and I think it’s my own fault that I felt a little disappointed.
Apparently, this book is Young Adult but I did not think so at all. I felt like this book was more for very young readers. The writing was a little rough and hard to get into but the whole book got a lot better after the first half.
Overall, I think this book would be perfect to read out loud to young children or for a reader that’s starting to read on their own.





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