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Favorite Self Published Books | Top Five Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey on YouTube.

This week’s topic is favorite self published books, I haven’t read any that I know of, but these books are five self published books I’d like to read. I used this list to pick out the 5 self titled books I’d like to read.

Angelfall by Susan Ee
I’ve heard so much hype around this series and how great it is. I had absolute no clue that this was a self published book.

If I Stay by Gale Foreman
I wanted to read this before watching the movie but I couldn’t resist watching it, but it makes me want to read the book even more!

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
I really want to read this book, I’ve tried once but couldn’t get into it, but I REALLY want to try and get this book read. I’ve never read a dragon based book before and it intrigues me so much!

The Body Electric by Beth Revis
I bought this book on e-book. And it’s one of my goals this year to read all the e-books I own as of right now and this beautiful looking book is among one of them!

The Final Empire (Mistborn) by Brandon Sanderson
So I’m absolutely blown away that this was self published. Brandon Sanderson is a writing machine. I’ve read Steelheart and it’s absolutely amazing that I cannot wait to begin the Mistborn series. And the fact that this was self published makes me appreciate it even more.





  • Nihaad

    I want to read If I stay too but I am so hesitant for some reason. I’ve been let down a lot lately by hyped about books :/

    Nihaad – Read & Seek

  • Stephanie

    Yeah that happened to me with Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Which book was a let down for you?

  • Myrthe

    I really enjoyed Angelfall, even though I thought I wasn’t going to. The Body Electric is also pretty cool, as it’s set in the same universe as Revis’ series Across the Universe. I haven’t read the other ones, but those two I can definitely recommend!

  • Nihaad

    Fangirl, The Boy Next Door, The Fault in our Stars… to name a few! Please don’t hate me, I know so many people completely loved those books but they were not for me.

    Nihaad – Read & Seek

  • Stephanie

    I haven’t read Revis’ other books but I’m excited to try and get into them.

  • Stephanie

    I didn’t like Fangirl very much. I didn’t read The Boy Next Door. And I liked The Fault In Our Stars, it made me emotional but I didn’t think it was like THE BEST book ever you know?

  • susannahhtaylor

    Mistborn is awesome. Brilliant. Amazing.

  • Stephanie

    Yeah, I can’t believe it was self published though! And he writes so many books it’s like how many other ones of his are self published?

  • susannahhtaylor

    I think Elantris might be. But I think I’m completely wrong on that. It’s only Mistborn that’s self published & the rest are by publishing companies

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