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Hello All!

I hope everyone has been doing well. And thank you all for your likes and well wishes. And your excitement you have shared with us through all our book reviews! So, that being said. Yesterday we announced that Penguin Random House outreached to us and asked us for reviews. Well, at the 11 month mark, we found ourselves to be catfished by this fake Penguin Employee.

If not many of you have heard of it, here’s a corresponding article that explains the e-mail and procedure that this woman took to get her book reviewed by sending out emails from a Penguin e-mail address and got people to think they were being brought on by Penguin for real ARC reviews.

That being said, I am going to get in touch with PRH today because they are doing an investigation I do believe, and or are/have taken legal action against this person and I will be getting in touch with them if they do need any extra information/need us to help in their legal actions.

I hope this post reaches out to many of you. I was truly sadden to find out last night that this was all a fraud. It’s a shame that someone could come so easily into this book reading community and be so thoughtless and selfish like that. As a book blogger, I love love LOVE getting the opportunity to read author’s works. Published or not yet published. I find it to be the most amazing honor to be able to read and give my feedback and thoughts on a book, and the fact that someone could just be so rude as to do something like this for their own gain upsets me.

I’m sorry if any of you who enjoy our reviews are let down by this, we are too. And sorry for the bad news. We will continue on our way with reading and reviewing books. And if you are an author and would like us to review a book for you please contact us, yes we may be wary at first, but we’ll always welcome authors  and publishers looking for a review to come chat with us for whatever they may need.





  • Leyanis M

    Wow, I hope they catch this person. Why would someone do something like this, what do they gain? -.- I’m sorry to hear this, thanks for letting us know!

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