Exciting Announcement!

Hello all!
We’ve got a very special announcement for all of you today! So I didn’t want to announce this until I got the package but it came today! Taylor and I would like to announce that a few weeks ago Penguin Random House got in touch with us and is now sending us ARCs for review! My first 2 books came today and I’m so excited to read them! I’m looking forward to receiving ARCs from Penguin and so is Taylor! We’re beyond thankful for Penguin for reaching out to us. And we’re both SO excited to crack these books open and fall in love with all the characters they offer, and just gush over every single word there is in these books.

Thank you so much Penguin Random House and we hope you (our followers) enjoy these ARC reviews that are to come!





  • That is exciting! Congrats!

    I’ll be looking forward to all the review-y goodness!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks! It’s super exciting! I literally jumped around when I saw the package!

  • Emma The Book Lover

    That’s so exciting! I’ll be looking forward to your reviews!

  • Britt @ kalebsmome

    Hey guys!
    There has been someone posing as a fake publicist from penguin. I girl that this is not her. This post explains it all. Sorry to be the bad news bearer!

    If it is not then YAY! Can’t wait to read your reviews!!

  • Britt (@kalebsmome)

    I hope* (not girl) again I am so sorry if I am wrong or if I’m the bearer of bad news. If it’s legit I am super happy for you and can’t wait to see your posts! Your blog is lovely and although I don’t comment a lot I always read it once it pops in my email!

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