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ARC Review: Night Fox by Tia Giacalone

NF AmazonNight Fox by Tia Giacalone

Expected publication: December 31st 2015

Beckett Fox lives his life on the edge between danger and responsibility, and that’s all he’s ever known… until he meets Avery. Now, time at home is more appealing than the do-or-die future he’d always pictured for himself.

Fox has everything he’s ever wanted. But he knows better than anyone that life can change direction faster than the wind.

When an accident threatens to destroy his entire world, Fox will have to choose between fighting for what he loves or letting his past dictate his future.

How much strength does it take to move forward when history seems determined to knock you down? And how do you find the path to redemption when you don’t even recognize your own life?

I read Hey Sunshine earlier this year and I absolutely loved it. I was so excited for Night Fox but I had no idea what to expect for the plot. I knew I would love it no matter what but I had no idea what was going to happen, especially with the ending of Hey Sunshine. This book ended up blowing me away and my heart is still trying to recover.
Night Fox is from the perspective of Fox, which I wasn’t really expecting but I really loved it. I felt like I got to know Fox so much more.
Of course, I loved the characters so much. They were believable and flawed and so wonderful.
Avery continues to be amazing. She was one of the best written NA characters I’ve ever read about. I loved how she spoke her mind and would tell it like it is. She was so honest and open with Fox.
I could go on and on about Fox. He was so good but he also wasn’t over the top perfect. He was so well written and I think other authors (especially New Adult authors) should take note from Tia on how to write male characters and relationships. Fox and Avery have such a great relationship. If they had a fight, they would talk it out. Both of them are open and honest with each other. Avery isn’t a jealous idiot and Fox isn’t a controlling asshole. They represent a healthy relationship that sets a good and realistic example to readers.
Overall, I could go on and on about this book. It’s so amazing and I loved it so much. I was so emotionally invested in the story and the characters. I’m so in love with this series and I can’t recommend it enough.






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