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The time has come! Let the reading begin! After this post is up I’ll be scurrying over to our goodreads group and post all the month’s weekly open discussions up so everyone can post and chat as we please. All we ask from you guys are a couple small things.  These will also be posted up on the group topic as a pinned post so you see it all the time.
23437156Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

1. Please do not reveal any big spoilers. Or please use the spoiler code when writing spoilers. If you do not know how to do that, we will show you how now:
When posting a spoiler please use these tags <spoiler> PUT YOUR SPOILER HERE </spoiler> and your content within these tags will be hidden within your post.

2.  Please pleas PLEASE be nice to each other. We haven’t had any issues with this but I like to reiterate that this is to be a good experience for everyone to get together and talk about a great book to bring all us readers together this holiday season! :D

3. If you can please use our hashtag #WinterIsCrowing  it’ll place you into our read along give away that is happening in result of a successful read along.  Please feel free to use this hashtag on any sort of social media and please feel free to tell people that you’re participating in this read along. The more the merrier!





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