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Review: Tesla by Mark Lingane

21782077Tesla by Mark Lingane

Published December 31st 2013

One thousand years in the future, nuclear war has wiped out much of civilization in the northern hemisphere. The planet has slowly been getting hotter and water is becoming a rare resource. Out of the ruins of a civilization that has collapsed in on itself, have arisen a new breed of people – those with the power to control magnetism.

Seb, a young orphan boy from a quiet rural town, is being hunted by strange part-machine, part-human people. His only hope is Melanie, an angry, dying teenage girl who is dragged into the adventure and sets out to deliver him to the Steam Academy, even if itโ€™s just to stop him talking. Seb must confront an unknown past and fight against everything he believed in. And occasionally wash his hair.

This book starts out with the phrase “sultry winter’s day” Which made no sense.
I knew the second I read “sultry winter’s day” that this book was going to have some problems.
My main problem with this book is the editing. The writing could have been better but the editor should have catch most the the problems and had them fixed. The phrase “sultry winter’s day” was used multiple times in a very short span of time and the editor should have noticed that. It was a lot of little things that just added up and made it seem like the book was poorly written.
The main character, Sebastian, is only 12 years old so that was interesting. Personally, him being so young made it really hard to connect with him and because I couldn’t relate to him, I wasn’t interested in his story. I read though this book without really caring and at times I had to really push to get though it.
Overall, not a horrible book but it could really use some polishing. The writing and characters needed some major work.






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