October Read Along Schedule!

Hey everyone just want to give an update for the schedule for our October Read Along! We’re trying to keep it easy, so we’re doing about 100 pages a week! The last week being Halloween! Yay!

Week 1: October 4 – 10 Pages 0 -120 (Chapters 1 – 27)
Week 2: October 11-17 Pages 121- 219 (Chapters 28 – 61)
Week 3: October 18-24 Pages 220 – 320 ( Chapters 62- 89)
Week 4: October 25 – 31 Pages 321-401 (Chapters 90 – 112)

Don’t get freaked out the chapters are super short, some chapters are “audio clips” where it’s a lot of dialogue so it should be too hard to get through plus 100 pages per week is less than 25 pages a day.

I’ll be setting up goodreads forums for every  week starting on Tuesdays and they’ll be open all week as readers go through and want to chime in. Keep in mind you’re automatically placed into our give away with the first 2 posts you post in our discussions!

Please join our group on goodreads (link above) if you haven’t yet! And grab your copy of The Dead House whenever you can and join in! We’re giving away Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman this month.

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