Top 5 Wednesday

Top Five Wednesday: Book Series You Wish Had More Books.

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Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey on YouTube.

Hey everyone so this week’s topic for Top Five Wednesday is book series you wish had more books. And this one is a tough one for me because I haven’t finished a lot of series, I’m like reading 8 of them right now so I’m in the middle of a lot of them (Falling Kingdoms, Throne of Glass, Bone Season) so  a lot of these may seem a bit childish but, oh well!

Harry Potter – Yes, I went there. 7 books but I needed more. As my favorite book series ever. I just needed to know more about the world about what happened about more wizard adventures. Like what about Harry being and Auror with Ron?! I need to know about what it was like. THERE ARENT ENOUGH BOOKS

Chronicles of Narnia– I just loved this series so much. I could not possibly live without this series as a kid and I know it’s a great one and it probably doesn’t/wouldn’t need any more books but I’ve always just wanted this series to go on forever and ever and ever.


Firebird Series–  I know this is still going and the second book comes out soon! But it’s supposed to be a trilogy and I don’t think that’s enough. This whole first book was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t stop reading it and I think this may be one of my ultimate favorite series.

Nancy Drew– I’m Sorry, but I ADORED Nancy Drew. I wish I still had all the books because they were just a good read when I was younger. I kind of just want an endless stream of those books. 64 Books just aint enough.



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