Tropes I Hate | Top 5 Wednesday

unnamed (1) Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey on YouTube.

Taylor here with this week’s topic is Top Five Tropes That You Hate. Now, I hate a lot of tropes and I’m really good at ranting to I’m to try to keep this short and not write a massive post.  These aren’t in any particular order so let’s get started!

5) Insta-love

I feel like everyone hates insta-love but for some reason it’s still a thing. I hate when two characters meet and a few chapters later they say how much they love each other. That’s just not how it works in real life. I love it when the relationship grows and develops though out the book or even the series.

4) Abusive Relationships

I’m not just talking about domestic violence. I’m talking about verbal abuse and threats to each other. Showing over and over how much power one of them has over the other. Possessive and controlling boyfriends. Justifying jealousy because they “care”. I could go on and on.

3) Love Triangles

Why is this a thing? Why do authors think this is what quality literature is made of?

2) High School setting

I honestly dislike it when YA books take place in high school. I don’t care about the characters classes or teachers. I just don’t give a crap who is or isn’t in their classes. I rather the book takes place during the summer or the author just skips any scene that would happen at school (Kasie West is amazing at skipping over boring school scenes).

1) Forbidden Love

Any book that has prophecies or destinies  or anything that involves keeping teenagers from falling in love will make me want to punch myself in the face.

So there you have it. Five (of many) tropes that make me want to claw my eyes out.  What tropes do you hate? Do we share any? Link me to your Top Five post/video so we can rant together!

10 thoughts on “Tropes I Hate | Top 5 Wednesday

  1. Oh my god! Well, you’d probably hate everybook I read! Ha! Ha! A lot of “adult” books have all of these things, so I guess I just learned to live with it. I get your point though, and I do agree on some of it. That’s why the book community is so amazing: we never judge people on their likes and dislikes! :)


  2. I agree with all of your points! It seems like a good percentage of books today follow your list like an instant format for success. I am done with love triangles, instant love, and vampires. Vampires can come back next year, but only vampires!

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  3. Agreed! And I feel like sometimes, if it’s the right book, some things that normally bug me won’t.
    What are some of your favorite books that you’ve read this year? I’ll check them out. :)

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  4. Definitely! I feel like sometimes popular tropes come in herds. One year it’s one trope and every book that year has it. And the next year it’s something different.

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  5. Don’t know if you’ve read any of Amy Harmon’s books yet, but I’ve read A Different Blue this year and it was GOLD! Really, really good. Other than that, Going Under by S. Walden is another favorite of mine, although I have to say it talks about some darker subjects, but it’s soooooo good!

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