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Review: Hey Sunshine by Tia Giacalone

25392676Avery Kent knows that life can change in an instant: one second you’re on your way out of small-town life, the next you’re left heartbroken and stunned when your thrill-seeking high school boyfriend runs off in pursuit of a potentially dangerous dream.

Four years later, everything is different. When Chase returns, admitting he made a mistake and asking for a second chance, Avery wants to think she can trust him again.

But when the arrival of a handsome, quiet stranger named Fox shifts Avery’s focus, she realizes that things are about to get a lot more complicated.

When is a lot of history enough reason for a future? And how do you ignore the way someone makes you feel, especially when they were the last thing you ever expected?

A college age, New Adult romance – for readers 17+ due to mature themes

Stay tuned for Book 2 in the Hey Sunshine series – coming late 2015


This book was sent to me by the author for an honest review

So I’m not to be a big romance reader and I have to say, for a romance, in my book this book did a great job. Avery was an alright character in my eyes but I definitely didn’t like her as much as I did Fox. The only thing that kind of bothered me the most was Chase. I couldn’t STAND Chase and I’m not quite sure why.

The beginning for me was a little hard to get into but once I got that pace going it was really easy to keep it going and finish it in a really quick timeframe. Which made me super happy. This was quick and enthralling even though it wasn’t a genre I pick up quite often. It’s hard to get me to enjoy something outside of my little world of fantasy. I love world building and character development and obviously world building has no place here in a new-adult romance. So I have to say I think the character development could’ve been pushed a bit more and that I didn’t really relate to anyone but, that’s okay. It still was a very solid read.

So I definitely have to give some major props to Tia for getting me through a new-adult romance without making me want to completely jump out the window. Granted I still felt semi-out of place reading it. But definitely a good read. Pick it up before late 2015 so you can hit up that sequel!

A big thanks to the author of this book for sending this to me to review it.




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