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Review: Fight for Dawn by Komali da Silva

24365878Fight for Dawn by Komali da Silva

Published January 6th 2015

She should’ve known better than to hope her life could be normal after losing her best friend Nate. It’s hard enough to deal with the loss but now she “sees” him everywhere. Add that to meeting Gabe, the new guy who sends her heart racing and Dawn is certainly spinning. It’s almost enough to make her forget the demons that lurk in the shadows.

Unfortunately the many distractions aren’t enough to purge Angelo from her broken heart. Her hopes of ever being with him again have been dashed. He’s moving farther away and there is nothing she can do to stop it.Soon the demons Dawn wanted to forget about will remind her of their presence and she’ll have to abandon everything else. Not only is her life in danger, but the lives of everyone around her as well.

I almost never read a sequel right after finishing the first book but Fight for Dawn is the rare exception.

My favorite thing about this series is how surprisingly well written it is. I didn’t really notice but when I was really taken aback by how well the story flowed. I read this book really quickly because of how well everything flowed together.

I felt like I was really able to get to know Dawn even more in Fight for Dawn. She a really interesting character and I’m glad her character was able to develop though out the series.

There was quite a bit of drama in this book but it was done is a really good way. I took everything at face value and there was really no need to be a critical reader (which I normally am).

Overall, this is such a fun series. I really enjoy reading both books and I’m pretty sure I’ll get physical copies later in the year. I can definitely see myself rereading these books if I’m ever in a really bad reading slump because I feel like these books would be perfect for that.




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