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Review: The Arrival by J.W. Brazier

25502053The Arrival by J.W. Brazier

Published May 4th 2015

Palestine: 1948—With the winds of war fast approaching, an unscrupulous archaeologist finally finds the remains of the man he’s been searching for … unwittingly releasing an ancient evil on the world.

White River, Arkansas: 1980—In a secret lab, top-level medical scientists work together to harness the power of previously unheard of DNA manipulation. But when the project finally comes to fruition with the birth of a specially “designed” baby, it just as abruptly comes to a bloody halt, with the facilities and nearly every member of the team wiped out, silenced forever … almost.

White River, Arkansas: 2019—The small town awakens one morning to find itself ground zero of a joint UN-US terrorist training exercise. Residents face martial law, a cashless economy, and a host of ruthless leaders seemingly bent on making the maneuvers more than just a military operation. Outraged citizens begin to rise up and fight back, but it soon becomes clear that something evil has arrived in White River …

The cover of this book caught my interest right away and the plot sounded amazing. I love horror so I knew I had to read this book right away. I had fairly high hopes so I think that’s where the book went down hill for me. If I didn’t have such high hopes, I most likely would have really enjoyed this book even more.

From the beginning of this book, I had a hard time really getting into it. It’s not really easy to read and I had to focus when reading and be careful not to speed read.

The plot is really cool and imaginative which I really liked. There was lot of info dumping, mostly at the beginning, which was a little frustrating. It’s a fairly good sized book (about 450 pages) so I thought the info could have been spread out a little bit more. But it wasn’t the worst case of info dumping, I’ve read worse.

I couldn’t really get into the characters. I couldn’t connect with them or really care about them on a personal level. The dialogue was a little odd at times as well.

Overall, I liked this book but it wasn’t all I hoped it to be. I think it could have been a lot better but it wasn’t awful by all means. I did enjoy reading it but it wasn’t really impressionable on me. I had fun reading it but in a few months, I won’t really remember a lot about it.




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