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Review: The Devil’s Wife by Reuben Carbone

25812599The Devil’s Wife by Reuben Carbone

Published June 19th 2015

Adam Crocker does not know it but he is the darkest of all the dark angels. He came into his human form on earth to wreak havoc but instead has unexpectedly fallen in love with the beautiful Maria…madly in love…and has married her.

I had never heard of this book or author before starting this book so I had no idea what to expect. The synopsis sounded really interesting so I was excited to read it.

This book started out really weird to me. Maybe I wasn’t reading carefully enough but I was kind of confused. I didn’t really know what was happening and it didn’t seem like the synopsis at all. It did all fall into place after a while but it wasn’t so clear at first, in my opinion.

The characters were interesting and they made me very curious to see what would happen though out the story. But I wasn’t really emotionally invested in them. I couldn’t really connect to them so I never really cared about them a whole lot.

There was kind of a lot of  biblical things in this book, which I enjoyed because I knew what it all meant and had heard of all the references made. But I think some people might get bored and not like those parts.

Overall, this was a nice book and I did enjoy it for the most part. Based on other reviews that I’ve seen, readers love it or hate it so I would say this book isn’t for everyone. I liked it and had fun reading it even though in a few months I most likely won’t remember a lot about it.





  • ravenblake99

    Nice review! But the cover looks really scary. :D

  • Syc | The Lit Mermaid

    The book sounds promising (judging from the synopsis) but as you said, it’s quite confusing. But still, I’m going to check this one out. :) Also, I got to agree with Raven with the book cover. It looks too scary for my taste.

  • Trisha Ann

    that book cover looks scary but interesting! love your take on this :)

  • Taylor

    It really does! The eyes really creep me out!

  • Taylor

    Thanks so much! <3

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