Hey guys just letting you know Whitney from Whittynovels on youtube has announced that there’s a readathon called CRAMATHON that’ll be this weekend. It starts Today and goes from July 10 – July 13 at midnight. It’s just to help people get ahead, reach or get closer to their reading goals to read smaller sized books.

CHALLENGES: Read a children’s book, Read a hardback, Read a book in verse, Read two books in a 24hr period, Read a Graphic Novel, Read a Novella, Read at least 5 books in total

So I’ll be participating (or trying to). So here’s my TBR for #CRAMATHON!

1. Coraline  – Neil Gaiman
2. Saga Vol.3  – Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples
3. The Wicked + The Devine  – Kieron Gillen , Jamie McKelvie
4. Rags and Bones (It’s a bunch of short stories) – Various Authors (Melissa Marr, Neil Gaiman, Rick Yancey, Holly Black)
5. The Enchanted – Rene Denfeld

Let me know what you guys are reading if you’re thinking of participating! I’m super excited to try this. It’s my first readathon!!


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