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Things on my Bookshelf that Aren’t Books | Top 5 Wednesday

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Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey on YouTube.

Hi everyone! Taylor here with another Top 5 Wednesday! This week, the topic is “things on my bookshelf that aren’t books”. To be honest, I don’t like to put things on my shelves. I don’t like my shelves to look cluttered or messy. Plus, I can’t really think of things I’d want to put on my shelves. But I just so happen to have five things (technically seven) on my shelves and I really like them. :)

5.  Debbie the Pygmy Puff

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I got Debbie the Pygmy Puff a few years ago when I went to Wizarding World of Harry Potter and she’s been sitting with my HP books ever since. She looks a little creepy in the picture but she’s really cute in real life.

4.  Gryffindor sword and lion

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This is actually a letter opener but I never actually use it to open anything. I think it looks pretty cool just sitting on my shelf.

3.  Dany and Drogo

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I love Game of Thrones (I haven’t started season 5 though) so when I seen these in Barnes & Noble, I had to get them. I always buy vinyl figures in pairs and this was the first pair I bought.

2.  Jon Snow and Ygritte

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Game of Thrones is slowly killing me so this had to be the next pair that I bought.

1.  Replica of my dog

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I was given this little felted replica of my dog for my birthday this year and I love it so much. It sits on the shelf next to my bed and on the top stack.

What are some of the things you have on your shelf that’s not books?




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