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Review: Reflection by Lynn Yvonne Moon

22542230Reflection by Lynn Yvonne Moon

Published June 1st 2015

Journey Elizabeth Gordon has always been different from other girls her age, and never really fitting in. Frilly dresses and heavy makeup is just not her style. When her mother dies, her life shatters as she and her little sister leave for their father’s secluded cabin deep in the mountains of Colorado. A father the girls have not seen or heard from in over six years. Journey believes she’ll never be happy again, until one morning when a strange man suddenly appears on their doorstep. With this stranger, Journey’s life takes an unexpected turn into the bizarre. Journey’s father tries to help her accept new world. Journey is no longer in South Carolina, but living in the Fornax galaxy billions of light years away from Earth. But then she meets the dazzling exotic boy, Takoda. Takoda is a Sweetacha from the blue sister world, Traveler. His skin is lightly colored, his hair is a deep auburn, and his eyes are amber, just like hers. Her heart pounds and her mind goes blank when she sees him. But any relationship beyond friendship is forbidden by law. A law established by her family many generations ago through the Council of Elders. A law, Journey has decided to change. Through Takoda, Journey is introduced to his culture and his people. An exciting world of ancient ruins and hidden secrets that shed an ominous light on her ancestors. Her heart grows daily for Takoda and through that love they enter the forbidden world of racial tension and a forbidden love. Together they struggle to understand the past while piecing together a future they can share and love. A love that would mean instant death if her Council family should discover the truth.

As soon as I seen the cover for this book, I fell in love. I read this on the Kindle app on my phone and I’m a little sad I couldn’t admire the cover in real life. I wasn’t expecting a lot of out of this book, just a good read, and that’s pretty much what I got.

I felt like this book turned into a love story real quick. I wanted a sci-fi book about a kick butt girl but I ended up with a weak relationship and a boring main character. I’m not a fan of insta-love and this book was full of it. Holy crap, Journey fell for that boy so fast and so hard. It was the most unbelievable insta-love I’ve ever read about.

The plot was good and the concept was crazy original. I wish there was more world building and explaining. If this book had less love sick teenagers and more world building, I would have loved it.

Overall, this was an okay book. There was a lot of things I personally don’t like but other readers might like. If you don’t care about insta-love, then you might really like this book. It just wasn’t for me.




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