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Review: The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige

18602341The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige

Published March 31st 2015

In this dark, high-octane sequel to the New York Times bestselling Dorothy Must Die, Amy Gumm must do everything in her power to kill Dorothy and free Oz.

To make Oz a free land again, Amy Gumm was given a mission: remove the Tin Woodman’s heart, steal the Scarecrow’s brain, take the Lion’s courage, and then Dorothy must die…

But Dorothy still lives. Now the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked has vanished, and mysterious Princess Ozma might be Amy’s only ally. As Amy learns the truth about her mission, she realizes that she’s only just scratched the surface of Oz’s past—and that Kansas, the home she couldn’t wait to leave behind, may also be in danger. In a place where the line between good and evil shifts with just a strong gust of wind, who can Amy trust—and who is really Wicked?

I read Dorothy Must Die over a year ago, shortly after it was released. I really liked it and I was so curious to see what happened next in Amy’s story. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I think that was a good thing.

The Wicked Will Rise jumps right into the story where the first book left off. There wasn’t any recap and even though I remembered a lot from the first book, I was a little lost and confused for the first 30 pages of this book.
The Wicked Will Rise was a lot weirder than the first book. There’s so much crazy that happens and at times it felt a little too bizarre.
This book was completely different from Dorothy Must Die. I didn’t like the direction that Amy’s character went in at all. I liked her in the first book but she was so different in this one. I was so surprised by this that I never really recovered. I kind of hated her at times.
I honestly think this series could have gotten without this book. It was so much shorter then the first book and it felt like a lot of nothing was happening. It felt a little rushed, like the author was trying to hurry to reach her deadline.

Overall, I didn’t like this book was much as the first one but I still enjoyed reading it. This series has such a crazy, amazing concept and I’m excited to see what the next book holds. I do hope the next book is better but this one wasn’t horrible by all means.




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