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Review: Bomb by Sarah Mussi

23604128Bomb by Sarah Mussi

Published May 7th 2015

When Genesis goes on a blind internet date, she just wants to get over her ex-boyfriend Naz. She just wants someone to like her again. But when Genesis wakes up the morning after the date, she can’t remember a thing. She doesn’t know where she is, or how she got there. And she can hardly move because she is strapped into some kind of body armour …

Before she has time to figure it out, she receives an order through an earpiece stuck in her ear. And then a voice sounds in her head: ‘You have been chosen for an assignment … The vest you’re wearing is packed with high explosives. And with one mobile call we can detonate it.’

To her horror Genesis has become an agent of mass destruction, a walking weapon in the hands of a terrorist cell.

The countdown to detonation has begun: Genesis must re-examine everyone and everything she loves and make terrifying choices … in the face of certain death.

The concept of this book is really strange and different, which is exactly what I look for in a book. However, the annoying main character and choppy writing made this book fall flat for me.

I was really annoyed with Genesis for most of the book because she was such a love sick teenage girl. I felt like she was written in a weird way because I felt she was everything that teenage girls are stereotyped to be. I wasn’t expecting her to be an amazing character but I wish she was written differently.
She would think really whinny thoughts about the two love interests in the most
inappropriate times. When she should be paying attention to the situation at hand, she was think about boys. It was frustrating.

The writing was choppy and I think some parts could have been cut out and/or changed. I skimmed some parts just because I didn’t care about what was happening. But even though it was slow at first but it did get a little better.

Overall, this book just wasn’t for me. I like the idea of this book but I think it could have been better executed. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book but I wouldn’t say don’t read it either. If you really want to read it, I’d say go for it but don’t expect to be amazing.




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