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Discussion Sunday is our new meme. It’s not necessarily every week, just whenever we have a topic we’d like to talk about. If you’d like to join us on your own blog, please credit us and send us the link so we can discuss your topic with you! -Taylor

This week I’d like to talk about book buying. Last month when I posted my monthly book haul on my Instagram, I received an interesting message from a fellow book Instagram account telling me how I was “wasting” my money by buying so many books and how “disrespectful” I was by posting my haul because not everyone can buy as many books as I do. Now, for the last 7 months, my end of the month hauls are no less than 20 books. They range from 25-60 books each month. The haul in question was 46 books.  Anyway, I found it extremely interesting and mildly upsetting that someone would say that I’m wasting my money on books. Especially coming from a social media account dedicated to books and reading. I tried asking them why they thought the way they did but they never replied. But it really got me thinking about book buying and why it’s important.

When I first started reading extensively in 2010, not only did I have no clue what Young Adult books to buying, I also couldn’t buy a lot. I would buy around 10 books a year and read each and every one of them,  whether I liked them or not. Mostly because I didn’t have any other books to read and I would have rather have read a book I didn’t like then not being reading at all. So once I got to the point where I could buy a fair amount of books each month and I knew what books I liked, I started to buy almost all the books I wanted. Now, I can’t go buy all the books I want each month but if  see a book or two that I want, I’ll go buy them. 1) Because I want them. 2) Because I can. I’m at a time in my life where I can go buy 10 books a month. I doubt I’ll always be able to do this and that leads me into my next point.

Because it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll be able to buy 20 books a month forever, I’m sort of stockpiling. I read a lot (15-25 books a month) so buying 20 books a month doesn’t sound so crazy if I can kind of keep up with it. So when I’m unable to buy so many books, I’ll have piles of unread books to keep me busy. Just two years ago, I seriously only had 5 unread books. It was a sad time because I started to reread books that I didn’t like all that much because I didn’t have a lot of reading options. I like having a lot of options when choosing what to read. I read whatever genre I’m in the mood for so when I only had 5 unread books about vampires and I wasn’t in the mood for vampires, I was kinda screwed.

I also buy books I know I want to read. Whether I’ll read them in a week or a year, I don’t know. But when I see a book I want to read, I’ll buying it. I know that I want to read it so I might as well buy it. There’s no harm in the book sitting on my shelf for 9 months so why not buy it? I know if I see a book in store and I don’t buy it, there is a very high chance that I’ll forget about it and never read it. That one book could become one of my favorites. Why would I want to forget a potential favorite?

And my last reason for buying so many books is really simple. It’s because it’s my money and I can buying whatever I want with it. I firmly believe that people should buy whatever they want and whatever makes them happy (within reason. Don’t go buying a bunch of drugs, kids). Books make me incredibly happy. And if I can afford to buy what makes me happy, why shouldn’t I? If buying clothes and shoes made me happy, I would buy those. If makeup and hair products made me happy, why shouldn’t I buy those? If you can afford to buy what makes you happy, you should buy whatever that is.  And anyone who tells you otherwise can butt out. Because at the end of the day, it’s your money. If you want to buy books, go do it. If you want to buy vintage records, go right ahead. For me personally, I can’t think of any greater joy than receiving a box of books in the mail.

What do you think of book buying? Should people limit themselves on buying books? What are you’re book buying habits? Comment with any and all of your thoughts. This is Discussion Sunday so I really want to hear your thoughts and opinions, whether you agree or disagree with me. I really want know. :) -Taylor




  • lulusrantsandreads

    I love this post! I love buying books, and though I don’t read nearly as much as I used to, I love seeing all the options I have on my shelf. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I may not have a lot of money but buying books that I want to read over clothes is what I would choose any day. Books make me so happy! Thanks for this awesome post!

  • What's She Reading?

    I can’t get over that Instagram message. Who cares how other people spend THEIR money? That just seemed way out of line. That being said, let’s talk about book buying. I think buying books could only be a good thing (as long as you can afford it). Just from a practical standpoint, buying books (or any other form of consumption) stimulates the economy and helps local businesses. In addition, there’s the simple fact that it brings you pleasure. What else are you going to spend your money on? I didn’t mean for this comment to sound like an angry rant, but I realize it’s kind of sounding like it…I just feel like it was really uncool for that other Instagram account to pass judgment on you like that.

  • Myrthe

    I don’t buy all the books I want, simply because I can’t at this point in time. I can tell you I totally would though, if I had the money. Mostly, I buy a lot of pre-loved books, and my boyfriend’s pretty awesome in the book buying department as well! So, I still somehow always have a lot of books, just not always the newest.
    What was my point? Oh yea, buy all the books you want if you can! I know I would!

  • Josephine

    Books are one of the material things in this world that are NOT a waste of money! How someone could say something like books are a waste of money is insane!
    I agree with you about book buying. Books are amazing and since its our money, why the heck not? I wish I had more money to buy books but I know in time I will have more.
    I loved this post and completely agree with your opinion on this. xoxo

  • Taylor

    Agreed! Books are like the least wasteful way to spend money. They’re way cheaper than a plane ticket and we get more adventure. :D

  • Josephine

    Exactly! 😊 And there is so much a book can teach you too.

  • Taylor

    I buy used books whenever I can. They’re so much cheaper and most of the time they’re in pretty good shape.

  • Taylor

    I totally agree! Like, why should I stockpile my money when I could get things that make me happy AND help the economy. Plus, buying from indie bookstores is such a great way to help people out. :D

  • Taylor

    Thanks so much for your kind comment! <3
    And I totally agree, having options on my shelf is such a good feeling. :D

  • It’s really interesting that another “bookish” account was the one to comment on your Instagram. How is posting your book hauls any different than the thousands of accounts dedicated to fashion or lifestyle that are able to purchase all the great things they have? You definitely shouldn’t be judged for the fact that you are able to buy that many books. I’m actually kind of jealous you are able to keep up with reading all the books you buy!

    Personally, I spend a grip of money on books, also because I can and they make me happy and I love supporting the bookstores in my community. My friends joke that I can’t walk past a bookstore without buying at least a book, I’m not ashamed!

  • Taylor

    You ave such a great point! There’s so many fashion blogs out there, how is books any different? That’s such a great point!

  • It’s terrible when someone can comment carelessly about something that you’ve posted and judge you for your shopping habits? I admit I have been jealous before seeing other people’s book haul pictures, and that can sometimes lead me to spend too much money buying books I don’t have time to read, but I certainly wouldn’t say people posting their haul pictures are disrespectful. They have chosen to spend their money, or received various books as gifts or prizes and are excited and want to show them off. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And as you say, it is your money to spend how you want, I certainly wouldn’t say it’s a waste.

    I am terrible when it comes to buying books, I impulse buy when I see them going cheap, I can’t resist the cheap books at my local supermarket to save my life, and if I find a discount code for online bookstores I inevitably end up treating myself. I was raised to know that my money is to spend how I wish, I can do what I like with it, and if my monthly wages are gone before the end of the month that’s my problem to deal with (I’ve never done that, that would be a hell of a lot of shopping being done). Buying books is only helping to support the publishing industry, and spending money is good for the economy, really you’re doing a public service by buying books, so it’s all fine. At least, that’s what I tell people when I’ve gone particularly crazy with my spending, but also it makes me happy so why shouldn’t I?

  • Sarah

    THANK YOU. I had a “friend” who would always make me feel guilty about buying books because she didn’t have a job and so she’d make these judgmental, passive aggressive comments all the time about my book buying habits: “It’s such a waste of money” or “Don’t you know what a library is!?” She later admitted that she was just jealous, but her comments still always made me feel bad. But I now like to view book buying as supporting authors I love and ensuring that they can continue to write books for a living. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! And also? It’s MY money. I work for it. Don’t you dare tell me what I should do with it! ;-)

  • Taylor

    Totally agree!

  • Taylor

    Oh gosh, discounted book get me every time! LOL.
    And I completely agree!

  • Jinan

    I agree with you. What better way to spend your money than on buying the things that you love? I’m a uni student with no job so I rarely buy physical books. Last month, my local bookstore had a huge sale going on so I hoarded as much as possible and it felt great. I truly forgot how nice it feels to buy books and to put them on the bookshelf and stare at them haha. I made it a goal to buy new books at least every couple of months. Here’s to hoping I can buy more in the future ;-)

    About the instagram message, it might be that that person wants to buy books but they don’t have the financial means to do so and they just want to get their bitter feelings out there. Who knows.

  • Taylor

    I totally agree! I love to just stare at new books. I feel like that’s half the fun. LOL. :D

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