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Review: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

15396187Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Published June 2012

To find the truth, you’ve got to be willing to hear it.

When she’s modeling, Annabel is the picture of perfection.

But her real life is far from perfect.

Fortunately, she’s got Owen. He’s intense, music-obsessed, and dedicated to always telling the truth.

And most of all, he’s determined to make Annabel happy…

I’d seen so much about Sarah Dessen and her books but I never got around to reading one of her books until a friend gave me Just Listen. I started it right away and finished it within a couple days. It’s save to say I’ll be read another Sarah Dessen book soon.

This book is so well written and emotional. I quickly became invested in not just Annabel but her whole family has well. Just Listen deals with many difficult issues and I felt like everything was handled in a very powerful way.

I love how Just Listen focused a lot on family. Not a lot of YA books include family has a main theme but Just Listen did. And it was consistently a main focus though out the whole book.

There was so much character development in this book! I love development in teenage characters and Sarah Dessen is amazing at it with this book.

Owen was such an amazingly well written character. He’s so honest and I loved how he was able to teach his honesty to Annabel. I wish more male characters were like Owen.

Overall, I loved this book so much. It was so heartfelt and powerful. I’m basically at a loss for words because my love for this book cannot be expressed with words. I highly recommend picking this book up.





  • Logan Ashley

    There’s a reason it’s my favorite. ;D So glad you liked it!!!

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