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Review: The Wedding Virus by Natalie Shell

25373914The Wedding Virus by Natalie Shell

Published May 4th 2015

Candid, fun, optimistic—and at times, down right embarrassing—this book is for the gal in all of us who has caught or survived the wedding virus.

‘The Wedding Virus’ is a term that describes how all things love and marriage seem to spread like a virus across groups of friends and women regardless of location or status. A literary snack for the modern woman, Natalie Shell’s debut collection of short stories and anecdotes explores the virus, love, life, and everything in between. It may just be the cure.

*Copy sent to me by author in exchange for an honest review*

If I hadn’t been sent this book for review, I wouldn’t have picked it out for myself. That being said I did like it more then I thought I would.

The Wedding Virus is about 112 pages but it felt like a full length novel. I’m not sure why that is but it just does. It felt complete by the end of the book and I felt feel like it was too short.

I feel like this book is meant for a very specific market. And I’m not sure I’m really in that niche. I couldn’t relate to the characters and I couldn’t really grasp why they had ‘the wedding virus”. I totally get that that’s real thing but I just couldn’t fully see their perspectives on it at first. But Shell did a really great job describing their feelings and by the end of the book, I could understand their perspectives a lot better.

Overall, I think this book is really good but I think it would be even better for people who can really relate to the characters. I really like the writing style and how descriptive it was.




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