Book Of The Month Giveaway!

Hello everyone! So as you all know this month’s book of the month is The Accidental Highwayman by Ben Tripp! We’re super excited for this Book of The Month because we’re doing another giveaway! So, a little explanation on how we’re going to be doing this:

May Book of The Month Giveaway!

We’ll be using Rafflecopter to help us keep track of everyone’s post but please post a picture of The Accidental Highwayman on any sort of place you’d like to get a chance to win any one book from Book Depository, bought by us and sent to you! It’s a reader’s choice everyone! So please make sure your instagram is not set to private, and if it is, please make it public until June 3rd. So we can make sure all entries are accounted for!

Please be patient with us, this is the first time we’re using Rafflecopter!  So please post your photo on instagram and use our hashtag #MonthOfHighways and use the link above to enter your photo in as a entry into our giveaway! ONE POST PER DAY CAN BE ENTERED. So you have multiple chances to win!




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