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ARC review: Still Waters by Ash Parsons


Still Waters by Ash Parsons

Published April 21st 2015

“High school senior Jason knows how to take a punch. Living with an abusive father will teach a kid that. But he’s also learned how to hit back, earning a reputation at school that ensures no one will mess with him. Even so, all Jason truly wants is to survive his father long enough to turn eighteen, take his younger sister, Janie, and run away.

Then one day, the leader of the in crowd at school, Michael, offers to pay Jason to hang out with him. Jason figures Michael simply wants to be seen with someone with a tough rep and that the money will add up fast, making Jason’s escape plan a reality. Plus, there’s Michael’s girl, Cyndra, who looks at Jason as if she sees something behind his false smile. As Jason gets drawn deeper into Michael’s game, the money keeps flowing, but the stakes grow ever more dangerous. Soon, even Jason’s fists and his ability to think on his feet aren’t enough to keep his head above water.”

Review from an e-arc, provided by publisher

I’m so surprised by this book. It’s so much better than I could have ever thought it would be.

The characters are all incredibly complex and interesting. Even the “bad guys” were extremely enjoyable to read about because they’re were so well written.
I was really rooting for Jason though out the whole book. I really felt for him while reading this book and even though it took about 100 pages before I was fully emotionally invested in Jason and his story, I still really enjoyed those first 100 pages.

The writing style is awesome. Ash Parsons writes in such a realistic manner. He writes how people actually talk and it’s not over done. It’s really amazing that this is Parsons debut novel. I’ll be auto-buying all of Persons’ next books for sure.

I loved the plot so much. It was so engaging and so hard to put down. I was reading a couple other books before starting Still Waters and I found myself putting those books off just I could finish Still Waters.

Overall, I don’t have a lot to say about Still Waters because I loved it so much. I’m a really critical reader but Still Waters made me forget to be critical. I was so engaged in the characters, the plot, and the realistic writing style. I’d be buying a hardcover of this book very soon because I enjoyed it so much. I highly recommend picking up a copy of Still Waters to everyone. I rarely recommend books to every single person but this book is fantastic.




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