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Review: Lali of The Lill by Adi Mandal

81szny-U6bL._SL1500_Lali of The Lill by Adi Mandal

Published February 14th 2015

“Lali must face her fears and begin the journey to The Lill, a treacherous journey built around lies. In seeking for the truth about her past and future, she must leave Krei, the young man who loves her more than his life, and learn to trust Theon, a stranger who claims he is the only one who can help her.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. The synopsis sounded pretty cool and it has some really good reviews but I didn’t want to get really high hopes. But this book was surprisingly fun.

The first quarter of this book had me really confused and I felt like not everything was fully explained. I felt like I had started in the middle of the book or I had skipped the first book in the series. I was able to push past that and the last half of the book was fun and exciting.

The writing style was pretty good. I feel like the late half of the book was when the author really got into a great pace. I think the nest book will be even better.

The main character was good. She could kick a lot of butt and she didn’t take any crap but there was a line or two in the first few pages that stuck with me for the rest of the book and I couldn’t quite get past it.  “Her long, black hair was rarely combed. Her lips had never felt the smooth tip of a stick lip balm. She hardly checked herself out in the mirror because that was simply not on her ‘to do’ list.”
These few lines are implying that women can’t care about how they look and be fierce warriors. A girl can still use various kinds of makeup, can care about how she looks, wear girly dresses and heels, and still be a tough female. Lipstick and dresses do not make a girl weak or less able bodied.
I had a really hard time getting into the character after those lines so I was never able to connect or relate with her.

The concept was my favorite thing this book. There was a lot of great ideas and some really nice execution of those ideas as well. There was a scene towards the beginning of the book that reminded me of the Thunderdome scene in Mad Max with Mel Gibson. That one of my favorite scenes in this book.

Overall, this book wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but in a good way. I really enjoyed the writing and the concept and even though there was a thing or two that I didn’t really like, I still enjoyed reading this book.




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