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Review: Benjo by Shira Ohayon

25115530Benjo by Shira Ohayon

Published April 2015

“Jordan is the hot young starlet who has appeared in several successful films. While she is just in her early 20’s, Hollywood is hers for the taking.
Benjamin is her older leading man. A well-respected and successful actor in his own right, he is also known for dating – and ditching – his co-stars.
Even as sparks fly during their first encounter, their mutual attraction is undeniable. On set, their chemistry sizzles.
But in “real life” things are a bit more complicated.
For one thing, they are each dating other people. Then there’s a considerable age difference. Should they be content with a good working relationship? Can they be just friends? Should they even attempt taking their friendship to the next level?”

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. I’d never heard of it or the author. The reviews were really good but I was still unsure. However, this book was surprisingly great.

The writing style was really wonderful. It was straight forward and really refreshing.

The characters were also really wonderful. They’re were really original and, I can’t stress this enough, very well written. These characters blew my mind. They seemed real and normal.
There wasn’t really any insta-love, just insta-chemistry. Which, coming from someone who hates insta-love, I was totally okay with.

Overall, this was such a fun, quick read. I really enjoyed the characters and the writing style.
I would have liked a little bit time to get to know the characters because the book started so quickly and I didn’t really get a chance to get to know the characters separately, as individuals. But really, this book was such a great surprise. If you’re looking for an original romance with really great characters, I recommend picking up Benjo.




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