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Review: In Search of Lost Dragons by Élian Black’mor

In Search of Lost DragonsIn Search of Lost Dragons by Élian Black’mor, M Carine, Jezequel, Hannah Gorfinkel-Elder, Jason Ullmeyer

Published December 30th 2014

“On the trail of dragons forgotten, an intrepid illustrator and reporter journeys from Europe through the Middle East and finally to Saigon in search of the dark caverns and mountaintop perches where the elusive winged serpents dwell. With the gift of seeing the invisible, our explorer friend records each encounter in a journal of gorgeous, fully painted artwork, capturing every majestic and fearsome visual detail of the scaly behemoths, and accompanies his findings with snippets of local lore as evidence that these hidden beasts continue to shape the world in ways we may never expect.”

The second that I seen the cover of this graphic novel, I fell in love. The art is so beautiful and I love dragons. I was hoping that the whole book would have as much amazing art as the cover and I wasn’t disappointed.

There’s not much of a story line to In Search of Lost Dragons. It’s mostly artwork and notes. I did wish at times towards the beginning that there was less newspaper clippings and notes and more actual story line. But I quickly become used to the unique style of this graphic novel so it stopped bothering me as much.

There’s so many amazing drawings and full color illustrations in this graphic novel, it blew my mind. I loved all the art so much. There’s several full-page  illustrations that I wish I could get a massive posters of and put it on my walls.

Overall, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t much of a cohesive story line but all the outrageously amazing art made up for that. If you love awesome  illustrations, fantasy graphic novels, or dragons, I highly recommend picking up a copy of In Search of Lost Dragons. It’ll be worth your time.






  • thebookboulevard

    I can live without a storyline–it makes the piece more inspirational for writing sometimes.

  • Taylor

    Yes! This graphic novel is perfect for that!

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