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Review: Hinges: Clockwork City by Meredith McClaren

Hinges Book 1 Clockwork City

Hinges: Clockwork City (Hinges #1) by Meredith McClaren

Published March 10th 2015

I’ve recently started reading comic books and graphic novels and I’ve really found myself loving them. They’re great to read in between books or during a reading slump. When I seen the cover for Clockwork City, I was immediately excited. The artwork looked similar to the artwork of my favorite graphic novel series of all time, Saga. I was hoping beyond hope that it was from the same publishing company,  Image Comics. And it was! My excitement grew to a whole new level.

Hinges: Clockwork City is about a doll named Orio and her familiar, Bauble. Orio was recently assigned Bauble. Orio wants to blend in but Bauble is a complete trouble maker so chaos ensues.

I loved this graphic novel so much! It was so interesting and fun. The artwork was beautiful. I really liked Orio but Bauble was so awesome! He was so cute and funny. Hinges reminds me of Lilo and Stitch in a way.

The concept is so cool and different. I like that Orio is a doll. It’s just so awesome and interesting.

This isn’t a very large graphic novel, only 112 pages, and it does feel a little too short. There isn’t a lot of dialogue so it’s a really quick read. I wish I could have spent an hour reading this instead of 15 minutes. And I wish I had #2 right away! But that’s just a little thing.

Overall, I loved Hinges: Clockwork City. If you’re looking for a new graphic novel series to fall in love with or you’re just wanting to get into graphic novels and you don’t know where to start, I highly recommend Hinges. I read this in an ebook format and I’ll definitely be getting it in paperback soon.





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