Book of The Month Followers Feedback

Hey guys,

Stephanie here, I wanted to thank all of our followers (we’ve recently hit 30!) for liking Bibliophile Gathering so much and giving us feedback, nominating us for awards, and commenting and liking our posts. It means so much to Taylor and I.

I wanted to get some feedback though on how to get you guys more involved in our Book of The Month. I know starting out, it’s expected to not really have anyone follow with our BiblioGatheringBOM. But would a reader’s choice, and or maybe just the fact that we now have a small group of you with us help? Or possibly a featured review from one of you?

Leave a comment and let us know if you’d consider being a part of our Book of The Month next month and/or any ideas on what would make our BOM more appealing.

Thanks for your help you guys!

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