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Review: Soul Crossed by Lisa Gail Green

Soul Crossed (Of Demons and Angels #1)Soul Crossed by Lisa Gail Green

Published February 25th 2015

I knew from the second that I seen the cover of Soul Crossed that I would love this book. I love the colors and the font. It a really pretty cover! However, I didn’t love this book like I thought I would.

Soul Crossed is about a boy named Josh who lived his life  recklessly and wasn’t the nicest person and a girl named Grace who died violently when she was sixteen. When Josh dies he becomes a demon and when Grace dies, she becomes an angel. They both are sent on a mission to claim the soul of a kid named Camden who’s basically the Antichrist.

Soul Crossed started out really great. For the first 14% of the book, I loved it. Green painted a really cool picture of Hell and her writing style is so addicting! I couldn’t put this book down at first. This is such an easy read and I was so curious to see what would happen next.

Sadly, at about 16% into this book, things started to fall apart. The characters weren’t making any sense and the plot crumbled into a muddled mess. Josh was never a likable character but he became a really mean boy. He degraded every female he seen and he was so misogynistic towards Grace. One thing that bugged me a lot he how he would order food for Grace. Like, she would be sitting right there and he would just order without asking what she wanted. As if she couldn’t do it on her own. He would say things like she’s “such a blonde”. Granted, Grace isn’t the smartest character in the world but Josh made it seem like because she’s a girl, she dumb and not worthy.

Grace wasn’t all that great either. She wasn’t a strong female character at all. She was sometimes so dumb and she couldn’t see what was right in front of her face. She wasn’t an empowering female character at all.

The “connection” between Grace and Josh was so stupid.  One page they were just acquaintances and the next page, Grace was in love with him. I’m not even kidding. Green just put in a little “It’s been almost three weeks” and boom. Grace loves Josh.  And there is nothing that Grace talked about loving more than Josh’s looks. No qualities that he had, just his looks. It was pure physical attraction and nothing more.

So much was skipped over and not explained. The plot was perfectly fine for the first %14 and then it was so rushed. The writing started to become like a draft and not the finished book. Nothing was making any sense to me. And by 31%, I was so done with the characters and plot. I was trying to push though to find out how it ended because I was really curious but when Camden became a completely different character out of the blue, I just couldn’t carry on.

Overall, I was disappointed by how this turned out. I really wish the characters had more depth and were better written. I’m still reeling over how Josh ordered for Grace (it really made me angry).  I did love this book for the first 14%, I really did. But it went down hill so suddenly. I’m always looking for great female characters that showcase great qualities and male characters that are empowering to the female counterparts. Grace and Josh just didn’t do any of that.




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